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EO Ultimate kits moves little bikes up big hills.
Big Bore kits Installation 
Carburetor and Intake
Head work and Cam parts
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TTR125cc Ultimate Big Bore Kit

12515 BBK Currently out of stock


TTR125 to 150cc
150 kit inc cylinder resleeved (cylinder exchange) 1)piston 1)rings 1)pin 2)clips 1)head gasket 1)base gasket . Runs on 91 octane pump gas. "NO CASE MACHINING REQ."


12515 INS $xx.00
Installation of above including valve job. Send us your complete assembled motor with no oil. We ship it back to you assembled and adjusted. YOU MUST ADD OIL


  EO HiFlow air box modification. 12515 ABM $59.29

Head work and cam parts

  Cylinder head porting and intake matching. 80120 CHP $249.95


OUTLAW  series High pipe with 4" SUPERTRAP
 SuperTrapp 4" tunable plates (CA 96 DB legal)
disperses noise radially with no loss in power. Aluminum heat guard for enhanced rider protection. Available for Yamaha TTR125, Honda XR / CRF 80,100,150,230,  Kawasaki / Suzuki KLX/DRZ125.   Forest Service saprk arrester legal.      

Now stainless steel construction.

12515 OHP




Real shift lever (get rid of all the linkage) 12515 RSL $39.95