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Description SKU # Price

CRF/XR100 The 120cc Big Bore Kit

  Stage One 120cc Cyl. Kit  for XR100's Includes: 1) Cyl. (exchange) 1) Ring Set 1) Head Gask. 1) Piston Pin 1) Base Gasket 2) Piston Pin Clips 1) Piston 1) Main Jets "NO CASE MACHINING REQ." 10001 BBK $499.95
  Stage Two 120cc Cyl. Kit for XR100's 
The EO Stage Two kit is the most complete  and well engineered kit made. Sure you can stroke em and use higher compression but did anyone tell you the about the dark side. If you build your motor past 120cc or use one companies cam and someone else's piston kit and maybe someone else's head, guess what, you bend valves, break cranks and shear off kick shafts. We know how far you can push this little motor and still have it live thru your kids childhood or your couple of seasons of racing backyard Supercross (Mom, Dad stole my bike again.) Includes: everything in a Stage 1 kit plus  4) Clutch Springs 1) Camshaft (exchange) 1) set  Valve Springs and Heavy Duty head nuts "NO CASE MACHINING REQ."
10002 BBK $749.95


12000 INS $300.00
Installation of above including valve job and case machining. Send us your complete assembled motor with no oil. We ship it back to you assembled and adjusted. YOU MUST ADD OIL


  EO 24 Flat Slide Intake kit (Lineaweaver Design)
24mm for 120cc motors with headwork..
Kit includes, carburetor, custom intake manifold, air filter and throttle cable and your choice of Airbox boot or K&N filter.
12024 FSK $349.95
  EO HiFlow air box modification. 80120 ABM 29.95

Head work and cam parts

  Cylinder head porting and intake matching.
We open your ports and match intake manifold size to work with your choice of intake kits
80120 CHP $249.95
  Slotted Cam Sprocket
Allows your cam to be degreed  perfectly.
80120 SCS $44.95
  Special Cam Sprocket Bolts
These bolts have a shoulder edge and washer face to correctly center your slotted cam.
80120 CSB $14.95

Clutch parts

  Barnett heavy duty replacement clutch kit
Includes 4 plates, 4 springs and gasket.
80120 BCK $79.95

Exhaust Systems

OUTLAW  series High Pipe with 4" SuperTrapp
 A real race proven pipe with SuperTrapp 4" tunable plates (CA and AMA 96 DB legal) disperses noise radially with no loss in power.
Aluminum heat guard for enhanced rider protection. Outlaw pipes not only look great they make better power across the whole RPM range, this true megaphone design creates more low end and more top end power. Why buy a LOUD BLING pipe when you get real performance in a quality pipe that includes a tuned headpipe and spark arrester. This pipe can take abuse and is ready to take on Hare Scrambles, TT, Motocross and Supermoto.  
Made in America    Now stainless steel construction.
80120 OHP $499.95
OUTLAW  series Low Pipe
Positively the best Supermoto and Dirt track pipe you can buy for your mini. Shipped with open end and Ceramic coated finish.
Made in America    Now stainless steel construction.
80120 OLP $499.95

Goodies for 100's

  Folding shift lever 80120 FSL $39.95
  Terminator front brake cable / It stops. 80120 TFC $44.95
  Light weight flywheel modification. 80120 LFM $125.00